12 Best Flat Top Griddles Expert Reviews 2023

Best Flat Top Griddles

It’s difficult to beat the deep caramelization created by flat-top griddles for everything from bacon, eggs, and pancakes in the morning to burgers and stir-fry for supper. Yet another benefit of using this outdoor cooking gear is that it keeps smoke and strong food odors outside, rather than in your kitchen. When looking for a griddle, you’ll find a variety of sizes appropriate for both little patios and large gatherings. Whatever your requirements, there is a model for you.

We completed the research for you by speaking with experts and researching the most popular and top 12 flat-top grills on the market from companies such as Blackstone and Pit Boss. Continue reading to learn more about the best outdoor griddles for any budget, outdoor space, or household.

Top 3 Pick Tested and Verified

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To use a flat-top griddle, you simply turn on the heat source and allow the griddle to preheat for a few minutes. Once the griddle is hot enough, you can place your food on the surface and cook it to your desired level of doneness. Flat-top griddles are typically equipped with a temperature control dial, allowing you to adjust the heat level to suit your cooking needs.

Reviews Of 12 Best Flat Top Griddles Exactly?

A flat-top griddle is a type of cooking device that is commonly used to prepare pancakes, eggs, bacon, burgers, and other foods that require a flat, even cooking surface. It is often constructed of a thick, flat piece of metal or a nonstick material and is heated by gas or electricity.

Flat-top griddles are common in commercial kitchens and restaurants, but they are also popular in domestic kitchens. They provide a quick and easy way to prepare a range of foods and are simple to clean and maintain.

Working Of Flat Top Griddle 

Flat-top griddles work by employing an electric or gas heat source to heat a big, flat surface area. The heat is then dispersed evenly throughout the surface, allowing you to cook food consistently and evenly.

Some flat-top griddles have extra features, such as built-in grease channels or drain spouts, to help eliminate excess grease and make cleaning easier.

Are you seeking for the best flat top griddle in 2023 to help you prepare amazing meals? You need the correct equipment to prepare wonderful dishes whether you’re an experienced chef or a newbie home cook. A flat top griddle is an excellent addition to any kitchen, allowing you to prepare a variety of items fast and easily.

We are going to review the finest flat-top griddles for excellent meals in 2023, providing you with all of the information you need to select the ideal one for your needs.

Pick- 1

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Reasons to Buy

  • Can cook for a large group of people
  • 2 burners allow for efficient cooking
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Durable construction allows for long-lasting use

This Blackstone Adventure Ready 2-Burner 28″ Outdoor Griddle is the perfect griddle for your outdoor cooking needs. This outdoor flat top grill has a large 448 sq in cooking area so you can make delicious meals for a large group!

This griddle holds up to 44 hot dogs and 34,000 BTUs of energy, so everything from burgers to steaks will come out perfectly cooked. Its high-quality materials make it durable and easy to clean so that you can use it year after year. The legs fold in for easy portability, while the two heat controls let you cook exactly how you want.

If you’re looking for something that can easily handle any food, look no further than this Blackstone Griddle!

Pick- 2

2- LITTLE GRIDDLE griddle-Q GQ230 100% Stainless Steel Professional Quality Griddle
  • Enhanced cooking efficiency: The even distribution of heat across…
  • Detachable side handles provide easy mobility: The handles can be…
  • 2-inch side walls help keep food on the griddle and prevent…
  • High-quality construction: Made from 100% restaurant-grade…

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Reasons to buy

  • Made of 100% stainless steel for durability and easy cleaning
  • Professional quality griddle for efficient and consistent cooking
  • Adjustable temperature control for precise heat management
  • The compact size allows for easy storage and transportability.

LITTLE GRIDDLE griddle-Q GQ230 is a great little griddle! It’s the perfect size for my grill and has many great features. The top is made from 100% stainless steel and sits 4 inches above the surface. This helps promote even heating and makes cleaning up after cooking much easier because there’s no need to worry about oil or grease spilling over into the rest of your grill.

The measurements are pretty standard, so you can ensure this fits into your grill without worrying about any issues like that. There are also handles on each side that makes it easy to move around while you’re cooking—no need for a stool! I recommend this product if you’re looking for something simple and effective.

Pick- 3

3- PIT BOSS PB200GS 1 Burner Gas Griddle
  • 265 sq. in. cooking area
  • 4. 7mm thick pre-seasoned griddle top
  • Portable size perfect for outdoor or home use
  • Four black non-slip legs for standing support

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Reasons to buy

  • Keep hot food hot
  • Easy to clean
  • Save money on gas
  • Huge griddle for cooking pancakes, eggs, burgers, and more

Pit Boss’s PB200GS 1 Burner Gas Griddle is perfect for anyone who needs something portable and easy to use. The whole unit weighs 23 pounds and measures 20.47 x 17.32 x 10.83 inches, so it’s easy to bring out of the kitchen and into the yard—wherever you live. The griddle features four black non-slip legs that help stabilize it on any surface, even if it’s uneven or slippery.

Not only does it have a large 265 sq. in. cooking area, but it also makes it one of the largest on the market! With this much space, you’ll be able to make all kinds of foods on this gas griddle: pancakes, waffles, hash browns… you name it!

The propane burner is easy to light up and clean because it comes with an ignition button (rather than an ignition knob). You don’t have to worry about turning off the gas before cleaning up; just press the button once, and everything will be fine in this kitchen flat top grill.

Pick- 4

4- Blackstone 17″ Tabletop Flat Top Grill
  • Griddle on the Go: Bring this Blackstone 17-inch tabletop griddle…
  • Surprisingly Spacious Cooking Surface: Cook a wide variety of…
  • Convenient Features: This griddle includes sturdy, non-slip feet…
  • Powerful Burner for Even Heating: This griddle features a…

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Reasons to buy

  • Its compact size makes it ideal for smaller kitchens or outdoor use
  • It can be easily transported for use at picnics, campsites, or other outdoor events.
  • Large cooking surface allows for ample space to cook multiple items at once
  • Heavy-duty construction ensures durability and longevity

Blackstone 17″ Tabletop Flat Top Grill is a reliable and convenient option for all outdoor cooking needs. Whether you’re at home or on the go, this grill will provide you with delicious meals every time. It’s lightweight, carry-friendly, and always ready to roll—no prep required!

The countertop griddle features a 267 In2 cooking surface that can easily feed up to 2-4 people. The flat top makes it easy to cook everything from bacon to pancakes. It’s also compact and portable, so you can pack it up and take it for camping, tailgating, and other outdoor adventures. Sturdy feet ensure the griddle stays steady on any surface, from grassy hills to muddy terrain.

With 12500 BTUs of heat output and a powerful gas burner, our stainless steel griddle will keep things nice and hot even after adding a lot of food. Consistent heating ensures that there are no hot or cold spots.

The grease management system collects all the mess from cooking bacon or other juicy meats, making cleanup after cooking a breeze!

Pick- 5

5- Cuisinart CGG-501 Gourmet Gas Griddle
  • 285-SQUARE-INCH COOKING SURFACE: The griddle features a 285…
  • STAINLESS STEEL BURNERS: Features two stainless steel burners…
  • PORTABLE DESIGN: The griddle measures 19.5 x 20 x 9 inches. The…
  • BUILT-IN HOSE FOR 20 LB LP TANK: The griddle features a built in…

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Reasons to buy

  • Does not require oil or any other type of grease to cook food
  • Preheats quickly and has a self-cleaning feature
  • Stainless steel is sturdy and durable so that this one will last forever

I love the new Cuisinart CGG-501 Gourmet Gas Griddle. With its easy setup and breakdown, this grill is a must-have for anyone who loves to cook out on their deck or patio.

It has a 285-square-inch cold-rolled steel cooking surface and two stainless steel burners combined to produce 20,000 BTUs. The grill weighs only 30 lbs., so it’s easy to transport and ideal for decks, patios, balconies, and more.

The griddle measures 19.5 x 20 x 9 inches, making it compact enough to fit into most cars or trucks—even if you’re camping! It also includes a built-in hose with a 20 lb LP tank for longer cooking sessions.

The setup process takes about 10 minutes without the need for tools (which also makes cleanup easier), allowing you to get started on your next grilling adventure in no time flat!

Pick- 6

6- Country Smokers CSGDL0590 The Highland 4-Burner Portable Griddle
  • Stainless-steel build
  • Steel griddle top
  • Pre-seasoned with organic plant-based oil
  • Portable and lightweight

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Reasons to buy

  • Four burners allow for even heating and efficient cooking
  • Portable design allows for easy transport and uses at events or gatherings
  • Easy to clean with a removable griddle plate
  • Excellent Heat distribution

Country Smokers CSGDL0590 Highland 4-Burner Portable Griddle is a portable, lightweight griddle that will give you the perfect amount of space for ten people to cook at once.

It’s made from stainless steel and has a steel griddle top so you can use it on the stovetop or in the oven. It’s pre-seasoned with organic plant-based oil and is portable and lightweight so you can take it anywhere!

The collapsible leg design makes this portable griddle easy to carry around from one place to another. Its protective burner covers help maintain heat in the wind and cold.

This is a great option if you’re looking for something small to hold your family or friends over while camping or entertaining guests at your home!

Pick- 7

  • 【Grill Griddle Combo】– 190 sq. In. gas grill net & 179 sq….
  • 【Controllable Heat Zone】–Two burners partitionable…
  • 【No Fussy Cleanup】–Cleanup is fairly easy that using a…
  • 【Quick Start-up】–Electronic ignition system,cooking in no…

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Reasons to buy

  • Easy to use, no need to read the instructions
  • The griddle is fully adjustable so that various people can use it.
  • Fast and efficient cooking with this griddle.
  • Comes with a cover so that you can use it anywhere!

The Camplux Enjoy Outdoor Life Gas Griddle is a great choice if you’re looking for a small, inexpensive griddle to use on your camping trip or just around the house. It’s got an easy-to-clean flat top and grill combo, which means no more sticking and getting grease all over your oven.

What I like most about this griddle is that it offers a variety of cooking styles. You can use it as a grill, fry pan, panini press, sandwich press, steamer, or anything else you want.

The griddle is also super easy to clean—you just need some paper towels and hot water! And suppose you’re worried about the heat being too high or too low. In that case, an electronic ignition system keeps your food warm or cold (depending on what you want).

If you’re looking for something that will last through years of use, look no further than this griddle—it’s worth every penny!

Pick- 8

8- Presto 07055 Cool-Touch Electric Ceramic Griddle 20 inch
  • Cool Touch base on the front and both sides. Ceramic nonstick…
  • Slide-out drip tray. Great for every meal. Breakfast, lunch, and…
  • Low-profile design allows the griddle to be used as a buffet…
  • Big 10 1/2-x 20-inch cooking surface is perfect for family-size…

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Reasons to buy

  • The large cooking surface of 20 inches
  • Cool-touch exterior for safety
  • It’s dishwasher-safe!
  • Nonstick surface for easy food release and minimal oil usage

If you’re looking for a griddle that’s more than just a griddle, the Presto 07055 Cool-Touch Electric Ceramic Griddle is here to meet your needs.

This griddle is designed to be fully immersible for use as a buffet server or induction cooktop. It features a cool-touch base on the front and both sides, providing a safe, stable surface for cooking. The 20-inch cooking surface is perfect for cooking family-size meals.

The low-profile design of this griddle makes it perfect for a buffet server for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The built-in backstop ledge allows you to handle food easily and without making a mess. The cast aluminum base with a nonstick ceramic surface and slide-out drip tray help to ensure that your food tastes delicious while keeping it safe from burns and spills.

With all these features in one product, you’ll be able to cook everything from pancakes to steak on one appliance!

Pick- 9

9- hOmeLabs Smokeless Indoor Electric Grill
  • The Outdoor BBQ Grilled Taste XL features a sizable grilling…
  • Non-Stick Ceramic Grill Surface: Super Non-Stick Cerami-Tech…
  • Removable Grill Plate The Cerami-Tech Grill Plate is dishwasher…
  • LED Smart Temperature Control Up to 450° custom heat control;…

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Reasons to buy

  • Ideal for indoor cooking
  • Eliminates smoke and odor
  • No smoky odors
  • Simple operation
  • Easy to clean and maintain

This hOmeLabs Smokeless Indoor Electric Grill is a great buy, especially if you are looking for an alternative to your traditional charcoal grill. It works well in the summer when it’s too hot outside to use a charcoal grill. It also comes with a built-in smoke extractor that helps eliminate the lingering smell of smoke while cooking, so you don’t have to worry about it.

The drip tray on this grill catches any excess fat that falls off your food while cooking, so you don’t have to worry about making a mess. This grill is perfect for cooking a delicious meal, whether inside or outside your house. You can also bring it with you on your patio, during a picnic, or out of town – as long as there is a power source nearby that you can plug it into.

You will get great results every time with this electric grill because of its adjustable 6-temp settings (200-450°F). The tempered glass lid with stainless steel handle allows you to check your food without lifting up the cover.

It’s easy to clean since it has a detachable design you can.

Pick- 10

10- Camp Chef Flat Top Grill 900 Outdoor Griddle
  • PRE-SEASONED, Non-Stick, Ready-to-Cook Surface
  • SIX 12,000 BTU Stainless Steel Burners
  • MATCHES? No, You Don’t Need ‘Em
  • EASY CLEANUP Grease Management System Collects Dripping

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Reasons to buy

  • Flat top grill for grilling and broiling
  • Full-extension cooking grates for direct heat cooking
  • Camp chef bbq pizza stone is included with the purchase of the grill
  • The grill can be used as a griddle, allowing you to make pancakes, eggs, bacon, or toast

Camp Chef Flat Top Grill 900 Outdoor Griddle is one of the best BBQ griddle on the market. It has a 14,000 BTU burner that can cook up to 2 pounds of food. The grease management system collects dripping and makes cleanup a breeze. The griddle comes pre-seasoned, ready to go right out of the box. It also has an adjustable leveling system under the surface for increased portable ability.

The Camp Chef Flat Top Grill 900 Outdoor Griddle is made from heavy-duty aluminum with stainless steel accents, making it durable and long-lasting. This grill has six 12,000 BTU burners for maximum cooking power and even heating across all surfaces for better results. You can use it as a regular grill or add side burners for direct heat cooking, such as searing steaks or frying fish fillets.

This indoor/outdoor grill is perfect for backyard barbecues, tailgating parties, camping trips, or just warming up your favorite meal on cold nights outdoors! It’ll be sure to get you ready for any outdoor adventure.

Pick- 11

11- Yescom 1500W 14″ Electric Countertop Griddle
  • [Powerful & Even Heating]: Commercial Electric Countertop Griddle…
  • [Stainless Steel Construction]: Made of durable stainless steel…
  • [Adjustable Temperature]: Features adjustable temperature ranging…
  • [Easy Cleaning]: Comes with 2″ splash guards on 3 sides to…

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Reasons to buy

  • 1500W power ensures fast and efficient cooking
  • Uses a ceramic heating element and two hot plates for cooking
  • It can be used as a grill, an oven, and a griddle at the same time
  • Durable nonstick surface with removable drip tray

This is one of the best electric countertop griddles you can buy. This stainless steel product has an adjustable temperature control from 122°F to 572°F, perfect for various uses, so you can make just about any kind of food you want. Splash guards are on three sides to keep you safe while cooking.

The cooking surface is 3/8″ thick, so it heats up evenly. And since it’s cast iron, there’s no coating to shed off or get in the way. The griddle measures 17 11/16″ x 14 3/16″ x 9 13/16″, so it’s great for making pancakes, and other breakfast treats.

You’ll also love its high-efficiency design—it works quickly and efficiently to save you time while heating your food up. You can adjust the temperature with one button and save energy by using oil instead of electricity to cook your food (but don’t be tempted by instant gratification!).

Pick- 12

12- Royal Gourmet GB4000 36-inch 4-Burner Flat Top Propane Gas Grill Griddle
  • SPACIOUS COOKING SURFACE: 36. 2″ L x 21. 7″ W, 784 square inches…
  • POWERFUL HEATING SYSTEM: 4 independently controlled…
  • QUICK START-UP: Durable stainless-steel control panel with…
  • NO FUSSY CLEANUP: Cut the hassle, this grill makes the cleanup a…

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Reasons to buy

  • Adjustable feet for stability on uneven surfaces
  • Folding side shelves provide extra workspace and storage
  • Cover included protecting the grill from the elements
  • Built-in grease management system for easy cleaning and maintenance

If you love outdoor cooking, the Royal Gourmet GB4000 is the perfect grill! It’s durable and high-quality so you can cook with confidence. Whether you’re grilling for a crowd or just yourself, this grill will make your next cookout a success.

This 36-inch grill has a large cooking surface, including an enhanced gloss ceramic-coated griddle top, which makes it easy to make breakfast or dinner with friends and family. It also has four powerful stainless steel tube burners with 52 000 BTUs of cooking power.

The grill comes ready for use right out of the box, so all you have to do is plug it in and get started on your meal—no need to read the manual first! The control panel is durable and has an electronic ignition system that offers reliable sparks at every push. There are caster wheels on this grill, so you can easily move it from one place to another without worrying about where it should go next.

What Are Some Types Of Top Flat Griddles?

There are several flat top griddles, each with unique features and benefits.

1. Gas flat top grills

These are powered by propane or natural gas and are typically more expensive than other types of flat top grills. They offer quick and easy temperature control and are generally easier to clean than charcoal or wood-fired grills.

2. Electric flat top grills

Electric griddles are powered by electricity and are a good choice for those who live in an apartment or don’t want to deal with the mess and hassle of charcoal or wood. They are generally easy to use and maintain but may not have the same heat level as gas or charcoal grills.

3. Charcoal flat top grills

These are powered by charcoal and offer a traditional grilling experience with the convenience of a flat top surface. They can be more challenging to control the temperature on and require more effort to clean, but they can impart a unique smoky flavor to food.

4. Wood-fired flat top grills

These are similar to charcoal grills but are powered by wood instead of charcoal. They offer a rustic, outdoor grilling experience. They can impart a unique smoky flavor to food. Still, they can be more difficult to control the temperature on and require more effort to clean.

Regardless of the type of flat top grill you choose, following proper grilling techniques and safety guidelines is important to ensure the best results and prevent accidents.

Why Do People Choose Flat Top Griddles?

Flat top griddles are popular among home cooks and professional chefs due to their versatility, ease of use, and durability. One of the main reasons people choose flat top griddles is because they provide even heating across the entire cooking surface. This is especially useful for cooking items that require a consistent temperature, such as pancakes, eggs, and burgers. With a flat top griddle, you don’t have to worry about rotating or moving the food around to ensure it cooks evenly, as the entire surface heats up evenly.

Another reason people choose flat top griddles is that they are very versatile. They can cook a wide range of dishes, from breakfast items like bacon and eggs to lunch and dinner items like grilled sandwiches and steaks. This versatility makes them a great choice for people who like to cook various meals, as they can be used for nearly any dish that requires a flat cooking surface.

In addition to their versatility, flat top griddles are relatively easy to use. They have a simple design and don’t require special equipment or techniques, making them ideal for beginners or those unfamiliar with cooking on more complex appliances. They are also very durable, typically made of materials like stainless steel that can withstand the rigors of daily use and last for many years.

Finally, flat top griddles are relatively easy to clean, as their smooth, flat surface allows for quick and efficient wiping down. This is especially useful for people who value a clean and hygienic kitchen, as it allows them to maintain a high level of cleanliness without putting in a lot of effort. 

What Factors To Consider While Buying Best Flat Top Griddle?

When buying a flat top griddle, there are a few important factors to consider to ensure you get the best product for your needs. These include the size and capacity of the griddle, the materials it is made from, its heat distribution and temperature control capabilities, and its ease of use and maintenance. Additionally, you should consider any additional features or accessories that may be included with the griddle, as well as the price and overall value for money. 

Here’s a little more information about each factor you should consider when getting the best flat top griddle:


The size of the flat top griddle is an important factor to consider. If you have a large family or plan on entertaining, you may want to opt for a larger griddle. On the other hand, a smaller griddle may be more suitable if you live in a small household or have limited space in your kitchen.


Flat top griddles can be made from various materials, including stainless steel, aluminum, and cast iron. Stainless steel is a popular choice due to its durability and resistance to rust and corrosion. Aluminum is lightweight and conducts heat well, but it may not be as durable as stainless steel. Cast iron griddles are heavy and require more maintenance, but they retain heat well and can provide an even cooking surface.

Heat source

Flat top griddles can be used on various heat sources, including gas, electric, and induction. Gas griddles are popular for outdoor cooking but require a propane tank and may be more expensive to operate. Electric griddles are convenient and easy to use, but they may not heat up as quickly as gas griddles. Induction griddles use electromagnets to heat the cooking surface and are more energy efficient than gas or electric griddles.

Nonstick surface

A nonstick surface is essential for griddle cooking, as it easily releases food from the cooking surface and prevents sticking. Look for griddles with a high-quality nonstick coating, such as ceramic or diamond-infused, to ensure longevity and easy cleaning.

Temperature control

A good flat top griddle should have adjustable temperature control to allow for precise cooking. This is especially important for cooking different types of food at different temperatures.

Ease of cleaning

Griddles can be difficult to clean due to the large cooking surface and the potential for food to stick. Look for griddles with removable or easily cleanable parts, such as a grease tray or drip pan, to make cleaning easier.

Brand reputation

Researching and considering the brand’s reputation when purchasing a flat top griddle is important. Look for brands with a history of producing high-quality products and offering good customer service.


Flat top griddles can range in price from budget-friendly options to more expensive, high-end models. Determine your budget and consider the features that are most important to you before making a purchase.


A good warranty can provide peace of mind and ensure that you are protected in the event of any issues with your griddle. Look for griddles with a long warranty period and consider purchasing an extended warranty if available.

Customer reviews

Reading customer reviews can provide valuable insight into the performance and durability of a particular flat top griddle. Look for griddles with high ratings and positive customer feedback.

Additional features

Some flat top griddles may include additional features, such as a built-in thermometer or a removable grease tray. Consider which features are important to you and whether they justify any additional cost.


If you plan on using your griddle for outdoor cooking or traveling, consider the portability of the griddle. Some griddles come with carrying handles or foldable legs for easy transportation.

Overall Thoughts

It can be pretty tricky to cook a meal on a flat top griddle, especially if you’re new to the kitchen. So we’ve compiled a list of the twelve best available models, each with its strengths and weaknesses.

But, after reviewing these flat top griddles, we found that the LITTLE GRIDDLE Griddle-Q GQ230 100% Stainless Steel Professional Quality Griddle is the best unit of all. It is made of stainless steel, providing a nonstick surface to cook your meals. It has professional-quality construction, and it has an adjustable thermostat function too. It is a heavy-duty griddle, and it works perfectly. Its features make it stand out among other products. We highly recommend this product because of its amazing versatile design and vast features.

Hopefully, today’s reviews guide will help make your selection process easier and smoother.


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