The Best Lump Charcoal in 2023

Best Lump Charcoal

Lump charcoal is used to turn woods into coals with less oxygen, made by hardwood. It is possible to turn wood into coals within less time, and it is natural and gives more heat. Their price varies starting from low to high costs. So,  you can choose according to your budget.

Lump charcoal is the best choice for grilling because it is purely natural and cannot produce a bad smell while used. Our best lump charcoal reviews will help you make an easy decision.

Best Lump Charcoal

The weak point of lumps charcoal is its high cost; lumps charcoal is more expensive than briquettes. But it is easy to use and burns less oxygen; it is easy to carry and safe to use. You can store these in less space. 

These charcoals are preferred over briquette charcoal because they are burning hardwood and are good for wet and airtight environments. You can enjoy your summer BBQ party with lump charcoal; these are easy to use. There is only a need for two to three pieces to turn wood into coals. We find the best lump charcoal to help you select one of the best from the following types of lump charcoal.

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Jealous Devil produces its best charcoal hardwood lump from the all-natural carbonization method. This is the best choice if you are serious about knowing what is in your burn. Hardwood lump charcoal is produced from South American hardwood, which burns warmer and longer than other charcoal. This charcoal is almost 30% denser and darker than hickory. Special wood adds delicious flavors like mild smoky flavors to your food.

The bags of Jealous Devil are also of the best quality. These bags are resalable and dustproof. Furthermore, bags are resistant to ultraviolet radiation and also waterproof. The smell of this charcoal is so fresh that you remember it in your life. The type of charcoal burns very hot and fast and is easy to cut clearly. You can simply arrange these large charcoal pieces.

The price of this charcoal is reasonable but not for everyone for daily grilling, whether it is burgers or roasts. On the other hand, wood sparks less than other woods, and it is safe to use than other wood types. It comes in a bag weighing 20 pounds which is best for grilling at home or at parties. Many consumers are satisfied with its best quality.

What Makes it so Special

  • Water-resistant
  • Easy to burn.
  • Burn warmer and longer with minimal ash.
  • Heats consistently.

Don’t Forget

  • Some small pieces cause difficulty.
  • Bit Expensive.

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Cowboy lump charcoal is without any coal and chemical preservatives. It is made from natural hardwoods. Made from hardwood mesquite and contains Oak and hickory as the major product. This charcoal adds a special flavor and fragrance to food and makes food delicious. 

You will not find it the least expensive as users like its quality and rate. Best for those who grilled a lot of chicken legs. This lump charcoal is manufactured from 100% natural hardwood. Charcoal burns warmer, lights quickly, leaves minimal ash and is easy to clean. It contains a natural flavor and is easy to light without any lighter.

Its size is 20 pounds, and customers are very happy and satisfied with its quality. You can easily light and burn this charcoal, this feature makes it easy for you to grill breast or chicken legs quickly. Cowboy charcoal is dust-free and contains minimum ash that is easily cleaned after burning.

What Makes it so Special

  • Works Fast
  • More receptive to oxygen. 
  • Long Burning Time

Don’t Forget

  • Their bags included rough pieces of charcoal that make it difficult to grill.

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FOGO Premium Hardwood lump is known well due to its superior flavor. There are no extra ingredients, and you know the difference in the taste of your food. It is easy to light and very hot, grilling the food in only 15 minutes. Black bricks burn the food in a very short time and give the food a very delicious flavor. 

Pieces of this charcoal come in two different forms, medium-sized and small size. Hardwood found in FOGO charcoal is royal oak lump charcoal, and the size available is 17.6 and 35 pounds. It is the first large piece of charcoal and burns at slow and high temperatures. The size of each lump of charcoal is 4 inches long. Compared to other charcoal, it is made so that it burns the food very quickly and gives flavor to your food.

If you are a grilling lover, choose hardwood lump charcoal for low ash quantity and better flavor in food as this product has qualities of recommended lump charcoal. No additives and chemicals are added to the charcoal to burn for a long time and lightning.

What Makes it so Special

  • Delicious flavor
  • Easy to light.
  • Affordable.
  • Different sizes of chunks are Available

Don’t Forget

  • Not good for long smoking.

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Royal Oak Hardwood is a murky flavor, and it is the best product for those who like natural lump charcoal. It is easily available on amazon, and it is easily affordable. The charcoal which is found in this product is made from hickory hardwood. It is very easy to burn and finds more smoke than in other brands. Some users argue that the value of charcoal is not so good with bits of metal, but some customers are satisfied with this product. 

The wood type of this charcoal is hickory hardwood, and American Oak, and the size available is 15.4 pounds. Royal Oak is very classic and has good lump charcoal and makes your food delicious. Burning at high temperatures is easy, and smoke at a constant temperature also works awesome in ceramic or non-ceramic grills.  

Royal Oak charcoal is well-matched with all charcoal grills. The addition of a very outstanding flavor with hickory and Oak provides the best taste. The hardwood found in this charcoal is 100 percent natural for smoking and barbecuing.  

What Makes it so Special

  • Easy to light.
  • Affordable.
  • Easy to burn.

Don’t Forget

  • The quality of Royal Oak charcoal is inconsistent. 

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Big green egg natural lump charcoal is made using Oak and hickory in the U.S. It does not contain any chemical and petroleum products, so it’s safe to use. It is available in 20-pound bags and has fantastic flavor but is hard to light. It is made using natural material that is environmentally friendly and can be used in your outdoor adventures. Almost all types of lumps charcoal are made with hardwood which burns in less oxygen and leaves less mess. 

Big green egg natural lump charcoal is the top-rated lump charcoal if you want to enjoy your summer BBQ party with your friends and family. The small size of this charcoal makes it easy to take on your tour easily. You can use these without any worry as it’s safe to use. You may find it a bit expensive as compared to briquettes but it makes your life easy. 

You can use big green lump charcoal as it is ready to use within a few minutes and burn quickly. Easy to clean up because it leaves just a bit of ash. It does not produce a bad smell and does not contain chemicals that harm your food. Let’s enjoy your BBQ party by using big green egg lump charcoal.

What Makes it so Special

  • No fillers and chemicals.
  • No petroleum products.
  • Made by using dried wood.
  • Easy to light.

Don’t Forget

  • Expensive.

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Rockwood lump charcoal is manufactured from Missouri-grown Oak and also includes Hickory, Maple, and Pecan. Rockwood lump charcoal is manufactured from 100% natural wood. Natural charcoal is manufactured from renewable sources. Rockwood charcoal gives neutral smoke because it burns almost 85% carbon and burns hottest, and produces ash. 

Missouri Hardwood is known for its best characteristic, called neural smoke. It burns slowly and hotter and produces less ash that is easy to clean. Black pieces light faster and give more flavorful delicious food. These bags are also recyclable and don’t produce harmful smoke if burned. It gives a rich aroma and special taste to food.

Natural Product is highly used by customers. It is not less expensive, but the price is reduced if you buy multiple bags. It is best for those people who grill chicken legs regularly during grilling season. Specific wood is cut for other purposes but not basically for charcoal. 

What Makes it so Special

  • Pleasant flavors.
  • Easy to burn.
  • Best To grill often

Don’t Forget

  • Unpredictable quality.

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Masterbuilt lump charcoal is a recommended product when you need to cook at a low temperature. It develops a delicious flavor to the food with its smoke. There is a composition of Artisan style kilns manufactured with 100% premium hardwood.

The best feature of the product is that it is suitable for different foods and temperature ranges. Masterbuilt charcoal offers a clean burn for the best charcoal smell and flavor. Normally people love this product as it has the great smell of smoking and grilling.

Lump charcoal offers organic ingredients to provide tasty flavor in your cooking process. Specific charcoal controls the temperature level and burning time of coal. Experts recommend this charcoal due to its quick rise in temperature and consistency.

What Makes it so Special

  • 100% premium hardwood
  • Artisan-style kilns
  • Best for all temperature ranges
  • Clean burn for ideal charcoal taste and performance

Don’t Forget

  • No con is available for this product 

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Harder Charcoal is  100 percent natural as compared to other charcoal, and it is the South American charcoal dubbed as” axe-breaker”. You will find it best for grilling and smoking delicious food. It is an exclusive blend of charcoal that is prepared without wounding down a lone tree. Harder Charcoal burns for a long time, and it gives your food a delicious taste. It is made as extreme ongoing heat without excess burning of spurs and smoke.

The wood type used in Harder charcoal is South American Quebracho and the size available is 33 pounds. Using this lump is best for many grill types, such as; Primo and Kamado joe.

Harder charcoal is ok for family dinners, late-night parties, and grilling. Another quality of this charcoal is that it creates very small smoking and sparks harmless lightning. All the things are available in this charcoal according to your requirement. It gives your food a delicious taste, burns very little smoke, and is perfect for any grilling.

What Makes it so Special

  •  Easy to light.
  • It produces minimal smoking.
  • Burns at low and high temperatures.

Don’t Forget

  • Available in very small pieces than our expectations.

What should you look for when buying Lump Charcoal?

Suppose you want to buy the best lump charcoal for your BBQ party, which can be used easily and cannot take more effort and time. Then in this research, we will help you to find the best lump charcoal. So, read the following guidelines before buying Lump charcoal.

Quality and Sources:

Lump charcoal is made by using almost hardwood and formed as spin-off sawmills. You must ensure that lump charcoal is made of hardwood because charcoal made with hardwood cannot contain glaze or chemicals. Lumps charcoal made from quality materials has no binders, extracts, or fillers and cannot have a lot of sparks. Moreover, you don’t want small bits of ash and dust on your ash trap. It cannot contain any fuel and cannot produce a bad smell while burning.


The bag of lump charcoal involves a mixture of hardwoods, including Oak, ash, and beech, instead of one kind. So, different kinds of hardwood kinds provide different flavors. The lighter woods, such as maple or sweeter flavor, are better for white meat. The Darker woods or stronger flavor is good for red meat. It isn’t easy to find single-kind lump charcoal; you may find these in the form of pieces.

Burning Temperature:

Every kind of hardwood lump charcoal burns at different temperatures; for example, apple burns at 1190 degrees, and maple burns at 1200 degrees. You can choose lump charcoal according to your place temperature where you want to use these. 


Lump charcoal bags of high quality usually have large size, even wood-shaped pieces. Lumps of larger size burn for a long time and give more heat. Be careful while choosing lumps charcoal cannot; choose charcoal bags that contain dust at the bag’s bottom because this charcoal is useless for grilling and can cause extreme sparking.


How can you light lump charcoal?

There are different ways to light lump charcoals, including using a charcoal chimney or using newspaper, using lighter fluid and electric charcoal to get the charcoal going on. You can use lump charcoal for grilling, which are easy to use and lighten by any method.

How much time does lump charcoal burn?

Lumps of charcoal burn hotter and more quickly than charcoal pieces; however, the exact burn time depends on how you cook. Lump charcoal burns for 45 minutes or 1 hour within an open grill. But it may last for a long time in a closed smoker.

How to use a chimney starter with lump charcoal?

A Chimney starter is a handy tool for light charcoal and easy to use. In this, you need some pieces of newspaper or lighter cubes to start your grill. You can use lump charcoal in the chimney starter to make grilling easy. Lump charcoal is easy and safe to use and cannot leave much mess. By using these, your charcoal chimney starts within 10 minutes. 

How do you properly place burned charcoal?

Formerly placing your burnt charcoal, ensure that the ash and remaining charcoal bits have completely cooled because hot charcoal rest could burn and cause damage. When the charcoal is fully cooled, you can cover it in a heat-resistant material and throw it in the garbage. Though ash from hardwood charcoal can be an effective tonic, its value is repurposing the ash if you have a garden.

Lump Charcoal Vs. Charcoal Briquettes

After reading this guide, you will learn which is better: lump charcoal and briquettes. In short, we illuminate the comparison once and for all. Lump charcoal is manufactured with burnt wood in the low provision of oxygen and in the presence of little oxygen.

On the other side, briquettes are made with waste wood in unique little squares. They are used for light cooking, such as fish, chicken, etc. briquettes have better airways to pass the air, and it helps to distribute equal temperature without ash.

In this scenario, you can choose lump charcoal over briquettes as it is helpful to cook heavy food for a long time and is manufactured with natural wood.


This article gives you an idea of the importance of choosing the best lump charcoal for your cooking. Lump charcoal is a pure natural product to burn fire on your grill. If you want the best lump charcoal, keep an eye on our detailed research that helps you select the best charcoal according to your budget, from low to high.

We select this digital information for you, which takes a lot of time. By reading this article, you must get the best lump charcoal because we provide details about different lump charcoal products and their benefits. So it’s easy to choose lump charcoal according to your needs. 


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