12 Best Meat Slicers For Home Use (Making Perfectly Sliced)

Best Meat Slicers For Home Use

Meat slicers are not only used in butcher shops and delicatessens.

Hand slicing can be tedious if you need to process a large amount of meat (or vegetables or cheese). Furthermore, it is difficult to maintain consistency in your slices.

Both of these tasks should be handled by a professional meat cutter. They are available in both manual and electric versions and allow you to slice meat to the desired thickness.

We’ll go through why we enjoy it in further detail, as well as a variety of other terrific options at various price points.

Reviews Of The Top 12 Best Meat Slicers For Home Use

Most people dislike slicing meat, but it doesn’t have to be. There is a meat slicer that can accomplish the job faster than kitchen knives. Fortunately, there are numerous options on the market. It’s simply a matter of deciding which one is best for your kitchen. To assist you with this work, we’ve compiled a list of the 12 best meat slicers for home use in 2023 and assigned each one a list rating based on our evaluation procedure.

1-Vevor 10″ Commercial Meat Cheese Food Slicer
  • Meet Your Commercial Needs: Our electric meat slicer adopts a…
  • Durable Construction: This commercial meat slicer is constructed…
  • Wide Application: Our slicer machine can be used to cut meat,…
  • Precise Adjustable Thickness: Our meat cutter machine is equipped…

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The VEVOR Commercial Meat Slicer is an excellent purchase for any home chef or professional chef. The strong copper motor ensures smooth and effective slicing, making meat preparation for any dish a snap.

The compact body is perfect for small kitchen spaces, and the included sharpener and belt make it easy to maintain the slicer for optimal performance.

Assembly is not required, which is a huge plus, and the item is lightweight at just 40 pounds.

As a meat-loving individual, having a reliable slicer has made meal prep easier and more enjoyable.

Reasons to Buy

  • Can slice meat, cheese, and other foods with precision and consistency
  • 10″ blade allows for larger cuts to be sliced
  • Adjustable thickness control allows for customization of slice thickness
  • The commercial-grade design allows for heavy-duty use in a restaurant or deli setting


  • May be too large and bulky for home use
  • Can be expensive compared to smaller, home-use slicers
2-CUSIMAX Electric Meat Slicer With 7.5-Inch Blade
  • 💖 Easy Clean & Safe – CUSIMAX meat slicer never worry about…
  • 💖 Advanced Design – We adopt the most advanced bearing and…
  • 💖 Upgraded Workmanship – We understand that blade of the…
  • 💖 Different Thickness – Precise adjustable thickness from…

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This electric meat slicer is the perfect tool for making food prep faster and easier. CUSIMAX Electric Food Slicer has a 7.5-inch blade made of stainless steel, perfect for slicing through various types of meat, cheeses, vegetables, and bread. 

The rectangular shape of the blade allows for precise and even slicing. This slicer is easy to use, with a manual operation mode. The compact size makes it perfect for storing in a kitchen cabinet or on a countertop.

Reasons to Buy

  • Cuts meat with the touch of a button
  • 7.5-inch blade for thicker cuts and more efficient slicing
  • Easy to use, doesn’t require any tools or experience
  • The safety guard feature makes it safe to use. I have been using it, and it has not caused any injury


  • This product could be more powerful compared to other options. It won’t slice frozen foods well
3-Chef’s Choice 615A Electric Meat Slicer
  • VERSATILE: This rugged slicer features all structural components…
  • POWER: Extraordinary powerful high torque motor with gear drive
  • SLICING: Tilted food carriage for fast and efficient slicing. A…
  • MULTI-PURPOSE: The 7-inch stainless steel blade slices a wide…

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Chef’s Choice 615A Electric Meat Slicer is a versatile and convenient tool for any home cook. Its aluminum construction and stainless steel blade make it durable and easy to clean. At the same time, its multipurpose feature allows you to slice various types of meat and cheeses. 

Its compact size and lightweight design make it easy to store and transport, making it perfect for use in the kitchen or on the go. 

Personally, I have found this meat slicer to be a game changer in my kitchen, making it much easier to slice meats for sandwiches and charcuterie boards.

Reasons to buy

  • Meat slicer has a stainless steel blade that is easy to clean
  • It slices meat into thin strips, which is perfect for making stir fries and more
  • Comes with a meat pusher that makes it easy to push the meat through the slicer without getting your fingers dirty


  • I think the slicer should have a safety feature to turn it off immediately
4-KWS MS-10XT Premium Electric Meat Slicer
  • 10” Premium Stainless Steel Coated with Teflon Blade
  • Aluminum Alloy Base in Red Color
  • Cutting Thickness 0-0.4”
  • ETL NSF Approved

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If you’re looking for an electric meat slicer, KWS MS-10XT Premium Electric Meat Slicer is a top-quality option.

Its 10″ stainless steel blade with Teflon coating allows for quick, precise cuts with little effort. The slicer’s aluminum alloy base increases its longevity and stability, and the red color gives it a sleek, modern appearance.

The cutting thickness can be adjusted from 0-0.4″, allowing for versatility in slicing different types of meats.

Reasons to buy

  • Built with aluminium alloy which is very durable.
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • The thickness of the slices is adjustable
  • Can be used for a large variety of cuts of meat
  • Having a built-in blade sharpening mechanism impressed me a lot


  • Can’t give me long build quality 
5-BESWOOD 10″ Premium Meat Slicer
  • Premium Chromium-plated Steel Blade with protection against…
  • There is no need to sharpen the blade frequently
  • Double Illuminated ON/OFF Switch 24V to avoid power shock for…
  • Slicing meat, cheese, veggies, ham, fruit precisely

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If you’re looking for a convenient and professional-quality option for home use, the BESWOOD 10″ Premium Meat Slicer is what you need. Its chromium-plated steel blade is resistant to corrosion, making it durable and long-lasting. The blade is also self-sharpening, so you don’t have to worry about frequent sharpening.

This slicer is perfect for slicing various items, including meat, cheese, vegetables, ham, and fruit. It has also been approved by the ETL and NSF, ensuring that it meets high standards for safety and quality.

Reasons to buy

  • The slicer has a wide cutting area so you can slice up even large pieces of meat
  • Cutter is made of stainless steel with a nonstick surface to help prevent sticking
  • The blade is reversible and can be used for both left and right-handed users


  • We found this a little bit expensive option compared to other competitors
6-Chefman Die-Cast Electric Meat & Deli Slicer
  • SLICE YOUR FAVORITES: Use your food cutter to easily slice deli…
  • SPACE SAVING DESIGN: With a sleek, compact design, this 9″ x 12″…
  • EASY USE & CLEANUP: Powerful 180-Watt AC motor and serrated…
  • SAFE AND SMART: Sturdy non-slip feet, blade safety guard and food…

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The Chefman Die-Cast Electric Meat & Deli Slicer is a great way to cut your meat in a fun and efficient way. 

With an adjustable thickness dial and a powerful 180-Watt AC motor, you can easily slice various portions of meat, pieces of bread, cheeses, and fruits and vegetables. The slicer also has a sleek design, making it easy to store on most cabinets or countertops. 

Plus, the serrated stainless-steel blade and die-cast aluminum housing are easy to clean, and the non-slip feet and blade safety guard ensure safe and stable use.

Reasons to buy

  • Easy to use
  • Strong motor for slicing and dicing meats, vegetables, and cheeses
  • Lightweight, so it’s easy to take with you on the go
  • All in all, I found everything worked out this and pretty nice for the price 


  • The slicer is a bit on the small side for the size of the meat
7-Anescra 200W Electric Deli Food Slicer with Two Removable 7.5″ Stainless Steel Blades
  • ✔ 200W Powerful Meat Slicer: The update electric food slicer is…
  • ✔ Two 7. 5’’ Stainless Steel Blade: We understand that the…
  • ✔ Easy to Clean: Seamless and removable features make…
  • ✔ Precise Adjustable Thickness: This food slicer built-in…

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Anescra 200W Electric Deli Food Slicer is a powerful and versatile slicer that can handle many foods, including meats, bread, and vegetables.

The slicer is easy to clean, with a removable ring-guard cover and removable blade, food carriage, and food pusher. 

It comes with two 7.5″ stainless steel blades, one serrated and one non-serrated. I can cut both cooked and raw foods more hygienically. 

Reasons to buy

  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • Can be used as a knife when not slicing food
  • Removable blades can be easily cleaned and sanitized


  • I noticed that the backplate wasn’t lined up with the blade
8-Berkel Home Line 2 Over 50 Food Slicer
  • MODERN, ELEGANT & COMPACT: With its sleek and stylish design, our…
  • USER FRIENDLY: Features ON/OFF switches with high visibility LED…
  • BUILT FOR PRECISION: Home Line slicers are equipped with an…
  • CLEANING & HYGIENE: A professional food plate with a quick…

Last update on 2024-04-12 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

The Berkel Home Line 2 food slicer appears to be a durable and high-quality option for home use, with a red aluminum alloy body and chrome-plated steel blade that is sharp and accurate. 

It is easy to clean, with dishwasher-safe removable parts and a blade cover that can be quickly and easily removed for optimal cleaning. 

The slicer can slice up to 20 mm with millimeter accuracy, making it versatile enough to handle a variety of meats and other foods.

Overall, We found this slicer to be a solid home-use choice. It offers a combination of durability, accuracy, and ease of use.

Reasons to buy

  • Large slicing surface allows for efficient slicing of larger items
  • Durable construction and high-quality materials ensure long-lasting use
  • It’s compact and easy to store, making it a nice addition to your countertop


  • I wouldn’t say I like that we need an extra tool for removing the blade
9-Happybuy Commercial Tomatoes Slicer 3/16 inch
  • Heavy-Duty Aluminum Frame: Constructed with heavy-duty aluminum…
  • Sharp Blades For 3/16-Inch Slices: The tomato cutter slicer…
  • Vertical & Horizontal Handles: One ergonomic vertical handle and…
  • Safety & Stability: The protective guards keep your hands safe…

Last update on 2024-04-12 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

For anyone looking to slice meats and vegetables at home, the Happybuy Commercial Tomato Slicer is a fantastic tool with ease. 

Its heavy-duty aluminum frame and sharp blades make it easy to cut uniform 3/16-inch slices, and the vertical and horizontal handles provide added stability during use. 

The protective guards and built-in microban antimicrobial protection ensure safety and cleanliness while slicing. 

Additionally, this slicer is versatile enough for various vegetables and fruits.

Reasons to buy

  • The tomato slicer is extremely sharp so that it will slice tomatoes easily
  • It is made of stainless steel, which will last for years
  • It is easy to clean and dishwasher safe


  • During slicing, I missed a stopper to stop the pusher
10-Ostba 7.5″ Electric Meat Slicer
  • To be a chef: The food slicer cuts the food precisely, it makes…
  • Easy to clean: seamless and removable features make sanitation a…
  • Safety protection: to operate the deli slicer, you must press…
  • Universal stainless steel blade: ostba meat slicer machine has…

Last update on 2024-04-12 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

The Ostba 7.5″ Electric Meat Slicer is a great choice for those looking to slice their meats at home. The cast iron material and stainless steel blade make it durable and reliable. At the same time, the manual feature allows for precise control over the thickness of the slices. 

It’s ideal for cutting cheese, bread, and meat. The slicer’s size make it easy to store, and the hand wash maintenance instructions make it simple to clean.

As a meat enthusiast, I can attest to the convenience and delight of slicing my own meats at home, and the Ostba slicer makes it simple and fun.

Reasons to buy

  • Adjustable thickness control allows for precise slicing
  • The compact size makes it easy to store and use in small kitchens
  • The blade is made of high-quality stainless steel, ensuring durability and longevity
  • Can slice meats, cheeses, and bread with ease
  • Easy to clean with detachable parts


  • Electric motor may not be as powerful as some larger commercial meat slicers
11-Elite Platinum EMT-625B Ultimate Meat Slicer

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Elite Platinum EMT-625B Ultimate Meat Slicer will transform your kitchen into a culinary paradise. The aluminum material and stainless steel finish make it a durable and stylish addition to any countertop. 

The programmable feature allows for precise slicing, making it perfect for slicing deli meats like salami, ham, and mortadella. 

Its compact size and easy hand wash care instructions make it a convenient and necessary kitchen accessory for any modern household.

Reasons to buy

  • Produces uniform slices with no waste or waste
  • Heavy-duty, durable construction
  • Super easy to use
  • Great for slicing beef, pork, and lamb


  • The thickness dial needs to be more accurate. Little bit disappointing to me 
12-Nesco 8.7″ Electric Meat Slicer
  • Full stainless steel sliding food carriage. 180 watt motor/120…
  • Large, detachable 8.7″ hardened stainless steel serrated blade…
  • Adjustable thickness control knob for 9/16″
  • Die cast aluminum food press

Last update on 2024-04-12 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Nesco 8.7″ Electric Meat Slicer is a reliable and efficient choice for home use. The full stainless steel sliding food carriage and 180-watt motor make it easy to slice through various types of meat and other foods. 

The large, detachable 8.7″ hardened stainless steel serrated blade can handle a wide range of sizes and shapes, and the adjustable thickness control knob allows precise slicing.

Overall, this is a great investment for anyone looking to have a hassle-free and efficient meat-slicing experience at home.

Reasons to buy

  • Easy to use
  • Simple, clean design
  • Works great on all types of meat
  • Great price for what you get


  • The thickness dial on this slicer is useless, and I had to add a bunch of spacers to get it to work

What Are The Key Features To Look For When Buying A Meat Slicer?

There are numerous crucial things to consider when buying for a meat slicer to pick the finest one for your needs. Blade size and material, motor power and speed, safety features, and ease of cleaning and maintenance are among the features. Here are some things to think about when shopping for the best meat cutter.


The quantity of volume that a meat slicer can handle on a daily basis is determined by its horsepower. The more the horsepower, the longer and faster it will slice.

Blade size:

The size of a spinning blade can influence how much volume your slicer can cut. A large-blade razor can help you manage enormous amounts of meat on a daily basis. A heavy-duty slicer’s blade is typically 13 inches long, whereas a medium blade is 12 inches long.

manual vs automatic

Some meat slicers include an automatic carriage with an electric motor that moves the tray. It’s convenient because it allows you to slice huge quantities at once. An automatic machine requires little assistance or supervision from staff.

gravity feed:

This function makes it simple to push the meat, cheese, or other food product onto the blade. A feeder tray is typically clamped at a 45-degree angle. The clamp assists you in feeding the food into the slicer and eliminates any physical effort. It also aids in the reduction of product waste.

How To Use A Meat Slicer? The Right Method 

A meat slicer is a useful kitchen tool for slicing meat and other foods into thin, even slices. It’s ideal for producing deli meats, slicing roasts, and putting together sandwiches and salads. In this section, we will go through how to use a meat slicer securely and efficiently.

Step 1: Read the User Manual

Before using any appliance, read the user handbook that came with the meat slicer. This will give you precise instructions and safety guidelines for your model.

Step 2: Set Up The Meat Slicer

Place the meat slicer on a solid and clean surface. Ascertain that it is hooked into a grounded electrical socket. Attach the proper blade and change the thickness setting to your liking if applicable.

Step 3: prepare the food

Ascertain that the meat or other food item to be sliced is adequately cooled or partially frozen. This will make obtaining thin and regular slices easier. Trim the meat of any excess fat or bones.

Step 4: adjusting the slicing thickness

Most meat slicers contain a dial or knob for adjusting the thickness of the slices. Select the required setting and ensure that the gauge plate or guide is properly aligned.

Step 5: turn on The Meat Slicer

Locate and activate the slicer’s power switch or button. The blade should begin to spin, but proceed with caution and keep your hands away from the blade until you’re ready to slice.

step 6: start slicing

To begin the slicing operation, gently push the carriage or platform forward. With a continuous, flowing motion, move the food item across the rotating blade. Apply light pressure to maintain a regular and regulated slicing rate.

step 7: use the food pusher

It’s best to use a food pusher, which is normally included with the slicer, to help bring the food toward the blade as you slice. This will keep your fingers safe from the blade and increase efficiency

step 8: complete the slicing

Continue steadily slicing the entire piece of meat or food item until you have sliced the correct quantity. Allow the slicer and blade to cool down as needed, especially if you’ve been using it for a long time.

step 9: turn off the meat slicer

Once you’ve finished slicing, turn off the power switch or button to prevent the blade from rotating. Wait for the blade to come to a complete stop before proceeding.

step 10: clean and maintain the meat slicer

Following the manufacturer’s instructions, thoroughly clean the meat slicer after each usage. This often requires disassembling the slicer, washing and thoroughly drying the parts. To ensure proper operation, inspect and maintain the slicer on a regular basis.

Overall Thoughts 

We hope you enjoyed our post on home meat slicers. Finding the greatest meat slicer for your home might be difficult, but we hope that the information in our guide will help you narrow down your options and select the best slicer for your needs. If you wish to see some of our other reviews, please visit our other blog postings.

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