Pellet Smoker VS Electric Smoker

Pellet Smoker VS Electric Smoker

Are you interested in buying a smoker but unable to decide which is preferable for you? Is there any smoking equipment in the marketplace for outings?

Are you facing trouble in choosing one between pellet smoker vs electric smoker? No need to be anxious anymore.

Pellet Smoker VS Electric Smoker

This post offers sufficient responses to all these concerns to help you decide which is worth purchasing. Here we provide a helpful comparison of the top-rated smokers, Pellet Smokers, and Electric Smokers. But, firstly, it seems best to give a short preface to these fantastic smoking tools.

Pellet Smoker Vs Electric Smoker (Our Smoking Experience)

As the popularity of smoking meat and other foods grows, so too do the options for smokers. The most popular types of smokers are pellet and electric smokers, both of which offer unique benefits.

Below we are going to explore our own experiences with pellet and electric smokers, comparing the two so you can make an informed decision about which one is right for you. From the design of the smoker to the flavor of the food, we will provide an in-depth look at the different features and capabilities of each smoker.

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You will grill your preferred recipes in various ways using a pellet smoker, also referred to as a pellet grill. It is a smoker but can also be used for grilling, baking, roasting, and much more.

The pellet grill works on electricity, similar to the electric smoker; thus, it must be placed close to electricity. This smoker employs wood pellets as fuel, but electricity is used to power the blower, auger process, and firepot.

A blower pumps convection heat used in a pellet smoker’s functioning to distribute fire and smoke throughout the appliance. The wood pellets burn because of the flowing convection, which also causes the smoke and fire to access your meal.



  • Easy to use. Contains fewer cooking hooks.
  • Perfect in cool weather.
  • Gives a rich flavour to the food.
  • Excellent designing.
  • Contains fewer cooking hooks.

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As clear in its name, an electric smoker is hooked to an electrical source and powered by electricity. They have an electric heat source to heat the entire unit.

Similar to an inside oven, an electric smoker requires preheating before it can be used for cooking. In contrast to an oven, a smoker allows you to add wood pieces for the smoking process.

An electric smoker can be used to prepare a variety of meats because it functions much like a propane smoker. Remember that you’ll have to add and refill your preferred wood pellets throughout the grilling time if you would like to get the rich flavor.



  • Light in weight. No smoke rings.
  • Perfect in all weathers.
  • Easy to operate and maintain.
  • Versatile
  • No smoke rings.

Pellet Smoker VS Electric Smoker; A Helpful Comparison

Both electric and pellet smokers rely on an electric source to provide delicious food with a smokey flavour. Yet, because a pellet smoker and an electric smoker can provide extremely diverse outcomes, you should choose wisely.

Pellet smokers allow you to cook food at low temperatures while unwinding for the entire day. Even reduced heat can be used by electric smokers, making them perfect for warming soups, sauces, and meats.

While many pellet smokers can grill and slow-cook, electric smokers cannot cook at high temperatures if they wish to prepare meat swiftly. Modern electric and pellet smokers enhance outside more manageable and fun by applying technology.

To choose the best kind of smoker for you, take into account the following considerations before making a purchase.

⦁ Temperature Control

Temperature control is simple because most pellet smokers feature contemporary designs with automated scheduling and heat management. The hopper maintains a constant smoke level during the cooking procedure. Most versions require ten to fifteen minutes to achieve smoking heat. Only gas grills can more easily and quickly reach this cooking heat.

Electric smokers have easy temperature adjustment, notably on more expensive models. Simple options like low, moderate, and high may be all that some of the less costly smokers offer. By just turning the dial, the temperature can be changed. It is a great convenience when you can fix something and leave it. After adjusting the temperature, you can go.

Since electric smokers have digital inputs, many of them include wireless access. As a way, you may monitor the time, temperature, and other details from the convenience of your cell phone.

In contrast, pellet smokers are the best and work well in frigid climates. Even in the middle of winter, you may smoke food since the pellets burn slowly and generate a lot of heat. Remember that the temperature of a pellet smoker will fluctuate near the set temperature.

⦁ Flavour

It is difficult to compete with a pellet smoker for a taste of wood smoke that is more intense. The continuous intake of smoke to spice your meat is ensured by the automatic, consistent infusion of wood pellets to keep the heat level. Centrifugal heating gently heats the cooking container, preventing hot areas that could stiffen the flavour of your meat.

Although the smokey flavour from electric smokers is milder than that of a pellet smoker, some people enjoy the crisper taste. It is simpler to cook meat to a person’s preferred texture since you may cook it at relatively low temperatures. By becoming an expert at utilizing the water tray, you can precisely control how juicy your meat is cooked, albeit it may take some expertise.

⦁ Ease Of Use

The best convenience for outside meals is offered by electric and pellet smokers. Without your assistance, an automated auger in a pellet smoker delivers the pellets and keeps the cooking area at the desired temperature.

An electric smoker makes it simple to add woodchips to the bottom of the cooking area, and you may keep adding them without lifting the lid. Both varieties of smokers are equipped with remote controls or mobile devices that let you adjust the temperature settings.

A pellet smoker is simple to wash because there is a little residue left behind, but an electric smoker needs to clean the cooking areas and the pellet slots before you can use it again.

⦁ Heating & Cooking Capacity

Many pellet smokers can cook food and roast meat at greater temperatures while still slow-cooking food at lower temperatures. This combo is practical because it eliminates the need for your domestic grill for quick meat preparation. Pellet smokers frequently feature a horizontal rather than a vertical construction and have a sizable cooking space, albeit this can make the smoker reasonably large.

An electric smoker’s temperature can be changed quickly with a button or a dial adjustment. An electric smoker can grill at high temperatures, but it can’t get hot enough to grill. Yet, because electric smokers are vertically arranged, you can set numerous grills above and below one another.

⦁ Temperature Range

The temperature range is a further aspect you may need to think about when buying a smoker. You will require a unit that can achieve a range of temperatures to achieve the adaptability mentioned above.

Generally, pellet smokers can attain the lower temperatures required for soft- and slow-cooking techniques. Yet, over various temperatures and cooking procedures, most systems can raise the temperature to 450°F or more extraordinary.

But the electric smoker was created to smoke your delicious food; that was it. Due to it, most electric smokers cannot achieve the higher temperatures required to cook burgers or sandwiches.

⦁ Size

The electric smoker is more portable and readily works in smaller areas than a pellet smoker. Additionally, it is simpler to keep the electric smoker for the cold season if you decide not to use it.

The typical form of an electric smoker is a container with three to four shelves inside for placing your meat. Electric smokers are typically much more compact, with specific dimensions of 20.4′′ W x 33.3′′ H x 19.8′′ D and a mass of 45.9 lbs.

While the structure of a pellet smoker is comparable to that of a typical hooded outdoor barbecue, these smokers may reach 97 lbs. and have dimensions of up to 26.7′′ W x 54.9′′ H.

⦁ Electricity

Most of the heat in an electric smoker comes from electricity. An electric smoker thus has substantially higher electrical power needs because it consumes that electricity to produce heat.

Because of the hot rod igniter, a pellet smoker uses a lot of electricity to create the pellet flame. However, after the pellet fire starts, the auger, controller, and blower have relatively modest electrical power demands. A small amount of heat will be produced by the lit wood pellets needed at the bottom of an electric smoker to produce smoke, but it won’t be much.

⦁ Versatile

Versatility is essential because you can grill almost anything in a perfect smoker.

Steaks and other barbecue staples best simmered, including briskets and ribs, can be prepared using a pellet smoker instead of a traditional smoker. Your stove or oven will be successfully replaced by a pellet grill, keeping and recovering temperatures more quickly and precisely.

These smokers employ convection heating, which evenly and properly cooks meat while maintaining its moisture through warmed smoke and oxygen.

Electric smokers are a terrific option if you live in a flat and can’t use a barbecue with a fire situation. They aren’t the best for grilling, as most feature a structure that keeps the temperature from rising sufficiently. Almost always, food prepared on stovetops or ovens can be scheduled on a grill with a pellet smoker.

⦁ Cleaning/Maintainance

The majority of electric smokers are easy to maintain and clean. When using an electric smoker, dealing with charcoal and wood is unnecessary. It effortlessly cleans up any mess.

Only the wood pellet tray needs to be cleaned when utilizing an electric smoker. Extract the wood pellet tray finished cooking, then discard the leftover mess.

The inside of the electric smoker is made of stainless steel, which makes cleaning it with a wipe or damp cloth simple. All smoking shelves are additionally easily detachable, enabling thorough cleaning. You may even put them in the washer because they are safe to use there.

However, compared to electric smokers, pellet smokers need more maintenance. The cremated remains in the pellet smoker are very heavy after each session. Regular grate cleaning is necessary to prevent significant buildup and waste.

They, therefore, require more maintenance than electric smokers. Additionally, the pellets will begin to catch fire if you don’t routinely wipe the grill and dripping pan.

⦁ Bells & Whistles

Designers of pellet smokers are renowned for the extra features that can be fitted to these products to improve performance. It indicates that a pellet smoker you buy is probably equipped with more functions than just the typical smoker functions.

Such as the pellet grill; electric smokers are not famed for using a variety of bells and whistles. It’s so that they can fulfill all your smoking requirements effectively.

In the end, the pellet grill easily prevails. These tools frequently include WiFi and other modern technology that enhances the griller’s quality.

⦁ Cost

The most crucial aspect of any brand is its price. It’s because when buying a smoker for the initial time, most people consider a set price range.

Most people know that because they function uniquely, pellet smokers are often more pricey than other appliances. Typically, prices range from $500 to more than $1,000 based on the model and other functions.

In contrast, electric smoker is significantly less expensive because they frequently do not have many bells and whistles. Based on the model and functionality, an excellent electric grill can typically be found for between $200 and $600.


Do electric smokers produce flavorful food?

Many grillers and smokers concur that an electric smoker gives a better flavour than charcoal. While the wood pellets offer your food a smoky flavour, the overall taste is softer than standard BBQ.

Is a pellet smoker good for grilling?

Of course! You can smoke, grill, and bake foods on a pellet grill. On a pellet grill, almost anything that can be prepared in a regular oven can be.


Now the choice is entirely yours. It’s a significant decision between these two kinds of smokers regarding flavour, maximum ease, and lowest price. The decision has already been taken for you if you reside somewhere that forbids open flames; thus, you are forced to use an electric.

For grillers who desire adaptability when they barbecue outside without the need to buy different units, the pellet grill is ideal. On the contrary, an electric smoker is a solid option for discovering how to smoke foods. It’s because many beginners find them quite simple to operate and manage.

Fortunately, this post will help you with a better decision-making process. Enjoy smoking and have lots of fun.


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