Traeger Error Codes: HER, LER, ERR (Causes & Fixes)

Traeger Error Codes

Traeger is one of the most popular brands of grills and smokers today, but some Traeger owners may run into problems with their devices.

One of the more common errors Traegers makes is error codes HER, LER, ERR, ER1, and ER2, all of which indicate an issue with your grill or smoker.

So, Are you also having problems with your Traeger grill? In today’s article, we’ll help you troubleshoot the main error codes that can appear on your Traeger smoker or grill.

Traeger Error Codes

We’ll explain what each of these Traeger Error Codes means, why they occur and how to fix them as quickly as possible so that you can return to enjoying your Traeger barbecue machine.

What Are Traeger Error Codes?

Traeger error codes are a way for Traeger to communicate with the user. They can help you to troubleshoot problems or tell you about upgrades, cleaning schedules, and other important information. They usually appear on the display screen when there is a problem with your grill or smoker.

What Do They Mean?

When an error code appears on your screen, it typically means that something is wrong with your grill. Most of these codes indicate an issue with the temperature control system, the temperature probe, or the electronics inside the unit.

List of Traeger Error Codes

If you’re a Traeger user, you’ve probably noticed that your grill has given you an error code. But what are those error codes telling you something has gone wrong? We’re here to help with this list of all Traeger error codes.

  • Traeger Error Code HER
  • Traeger Error Code LER
  • Traeger Error Code ERR Or ER1
  • Traeger Error Code ER2

Traeger Error Code HER

Traeger Error Code HER

HER Error Code Mean on A Traeger:

If you’re using a Traeger grill, you may have encountered the following error code: HER. This code indicates that the temperature in your grill has gotten too high (550F for more than 45 seconds), and the auger motor has been turned off to prevent further damage.

One common issue that can cause the induction fan to malfunction is if the temperature drops below 450F or so. Once the temperature drops below this point, the induction fan will turn on, and the auger motor will run for a few minutes to clear any embers that may be left behind.

If this keeps happening, it’s a good idea to check your pellet hopper for any blockages preventing pellets from reaching the grill.

Causes of HER Traeger Error Code:

The hopper isn’t correctly installed

The hopper is an essential piece of equipment for your grill. If it’s not installed correctly, you’ll have trouble keeping your charcoal moist and hot enough to cook.

The grill is still in ‘Ignition Mode

If you’ve turned off your gas supply valve but haven’t turned off your igniter yet, the igniter will stay on until the temperature inside the grill drops below a certain point. 

Auger not working

Sometimes, augers can run slowly or stop altogether. This can happen if they’re clogged up with ash, debris, or broken. A clogged auger will cause a mist around the flame when lit and may even cause your grill to smoke before it reaches the proper cooking temperature.

The probe is not set properly

The most common cause of the code is a bad connection between the probe and the controller. 

There’s no adjustment to the stack cap yet

This is one of the most common causes of Traeger grill or smoker error codes. The stack cap should be adjusted to ensure no excess pressure on the controller and its components. If there is a build-up of grease, oil, or other lubricants on the legs of the control valve, it will cause a build-up of pressure inside the system that can lead to an over-pressurization situation.

Grease build-up can be a problem

The grease in your engine may be preventing the proper movement of parts within your vehicle’s engine compartment, which could lead to faulty operation at an even more basic level than it already is. The longer this goes on, the more likely it is that something will break down and cause an automatic shutdown.

The controller is broken or has a bad connection

Sometimes, controllers can get damaged by water or other liquids leaking through cracks or holes in their casings over time. This could also affect their ability to perform correctly during normal operations.

Fixes of HER Traeger Error Code:

How to clear high temp error on Traeger? Don’t worry. Here are all the essential steps you need to fix her Traeger error code. 

So, first of all, we want to ensure you know how to use your Traeger grill correctly. This will help you avoid people’s most common mistakes when using their Traeger grill.

If the battery is good and still not working, then we’ll need to look at the connection between the controller and the hopper. Try unplugging everything and plugging it back in again. If that doesn’t work, try replacing the hopper with a different part it might be broken or damaged.

If cooking at 300 or 350 degrees F, do not turn the knob. Instead, set your temperature at 225 degrees F before turning on your Traeger grill.

To replace the foil on your Traeger grill, remove it from around the bottom grate with a pair of pliers and place it over top of the burner holes. 

Use a coin to clear any debris underneath to ensure your temperature probe is clean and free from obstructions. If you are doing this outside, cover it with some tin foil. 

Ensure the grill is still in ignition mode and hasn’t turned off (which means it’s not plugged in). If it’s not, unplug it from the wall outlet and plug it back in again.

Check for any adjustments to the stack cap—the part that holds the food as it cooks on top of the grill. Make sure none of them have been set yet (if they have, unplug the grill and completely disassemble it before setting it up again).

Finally, if you cannot fix this error, we recommend changing your temperature probe and controller!

Traeger Error Code LER

Fixes of HER Traeger Error Code

LER Error Code Mean on A Traeger:

What does LER mean on a Traeger? This is a low-temp error Traeger code. The “LER” error code on a Traeger pellet grill indicates that the grill’s internal temperature has dropped below 125 degrees Fahrenheit for an extended period. Traeger grill codes Traeger says LER it can fit with some practical work or call any expert. 

This can happen for several reasons, the most common being that the grill has been turned off for an extended period or the vents have been closed too tightly, causing the fire to smolder.

Causes of LER Traeger Error Code:

A variety of things can cause the LER Traeger code. Now will also talk about the Traeger LER code fix.

High humidity

If you live in an area with high humidity, there may be too much water in the air for your LER Traeger Thermometer to detect accurately. When this happens, it will show a false reading that might be off by many degrees from what is happening inside your grill or smoker.

Dirty grill or smoker

Another cause of this error code is dirty grease on your smoker’s heating elements or grates. Too much grease can prevent them from working correctly and generate an LER error code when you use them again.

Colder and windy climates

Living in the coldest areas makes it natural to have a problem with your LER Traeger Thermometer. The temperature can fluctuate quickly and get too cold for your thermometer to work correctly. This will cause issues with your thermometer’s operation, resulting in inaccurate temperature readings.

Faulty battery

The most common cause of this error code is a faulty battery. If the battery goes wrong, it will drain and cause your grill to stop working, generating the LER code.

Control Board

The control board is the brain of your Traeger, and it controls every aspect of your grill. When an error code is displayed on the screen, something is likely wrong with the control board. 

Blower Motor

If the blower motor does not work correctly, it will stop working when you attempt to start up your Traeger grill. This can often cause a temperature sensor to malfunction, which will cause the controller to display an error code. 

Temperature Sensor

The temperature sensor detects how hot or cold things are inside your Traeger grill and sends this information back to the controller via wires. If any of these wires become damaged or disconnected, this can cause problems with your Traeger unit’s ability to function correctly. 

Wire Harness

Faulty wiring can also cause this error code to appear on your screen. The wiring between your electronics and your grill can be loose or damaged, leading to an electrical short in one of these components.

Temperature Probe

The most common cause of the LER error code is a faulty temperature probe. The temperature probe is located at the front of the smoker and is used to monitor the temperature inside the smoker. If this is damaged, you will be given an error code that reads “LER.”

Faulty oil cooler seal

A common cause of this error code is when there is an issue with your oil cooler seal. The oil cooler is located under the hood of your grill and contains a special fluid that keeps the internal components cool and lubricated. If the seal becomes damaged or leaks, the cooling system could fail and shut down completely.

The Traeger grill lid is left open for more extended periods

The Traeger grill lid is left open for extended periods. If the lid is left open, the heat from the firebox will not reach the burners. This results in a cooler firebox temperature and an increased risk of overheating and damaging your Traeger. 

A grill rack that is overfilled with food

Another common cause of this error code is when there are too many food particles in your grill racks. Too much food in your grill rack may prevent airflow from entering the grill door and your cooking chamber. This can cause an overheating problem, leading to this error code displayed on your grill’s electronic control panel.

Your induction fan is not working

The last most common cause of this error code is an induction fan that isn’t working correctly. This can be caused by many things, including dirt build-up or corrosion within the unit. 

Fixes of LER Traeger Error Code:

Now we will show you how to fix low temp errors on Traeger, but the most important thing is that you need to follow these steps carefully to get better results. 

First, use a vacuum cleaner to clean the firepot after each use. This will help to prevent any residue from building up over time which can cause problems with your grill’s performance. Secondly, set your p settings to match the weather conditions—put them at p-3 for mild weather or p-4 for extreme cold weather.

Importantly, make sure to go with higher-quality wood pellets. These will prevent your firepot from crumbling down and reduce the time it takes to get your food cooked. Also, Make sure that the pellets are all secured in their hopper. You should not see any voids or pellet tunneling.

At the start, ensure you hear the induction fan voice telling you what temperature your grill is at. This should be loud and clear so as not to cause any issues later.  Ensure that your wiring is appropriately working. Check for loose wires; if any are found, ensure they are tightened up.

Change the battery if it’s not working. The battery is an essential part of your grill; if it isn’t working well, it may be time to purchase a new one. Save your Traeger grill from High humidity by keeping it covered while not in use.

In colder weather, try using an insulated blanket instead of just wrapping yourself in one of those thin blankets that only work when it’s warm outside they’ll keep you warm but not nearly as well as an actual blanket!

Check whether your RTD probe is clean or dirtied up. If it’s dirty, this can cause issues with temperature settings and cause your grill to run hotter than intended resulting in overheating, which will damage or ruin parts of your grill such as electronic components, ignitors, and more!

Don’t open the lid while cooking to prevent any accidents that may happen because of opening too early or late during the cooking process, which might result in unwanted consequences like burnt food or, worst-case scenario, a fire accident! Lastly, ensure one inch of clearance on all sides of the unit when turned on to prevent damage and ensure easy cleaning.

Traeger Error Code ERR Or ER1

ERR Or ER1 Error Code Mean On A Traeger:

If you’ve been using your Traeger grill for a while and have been getting an ERR or ER1 error code, don’t worry, you’re not alone. This is a common issue that many people experience, and it’s usually caused by a problem with the Traeger RTD probe. The Traeger RTD probe is the wire that connects the temperature inside the grill to the digital controller. If this probe can’t record the temperature, it will display ERR or ER1 on the display panel.

How To Fix ERR Or ER1 Erro Code:

  • Open the lid and make sure everything is in place, including the probe that sends temperature information to the controller.
  • Remove debris or dirt around the probe, then try again. If you still receive an ERR error, check your circuit breaker box and make sure it’s working correctly. This may be why you’re seeing ERR instead of ER1 on your display panel.
  • If you have a multi-port circuit breaker box (as shown above), unplug each of your controllers one by one until you find the faulty one, and remember which one was last plugged in!
  • Once you’ve eliminated all possibilities for what could be causing the problem, plug all four back in and try running through Step 3 again with each controller individually unplugged from its port until there are no more errors displayed on any of them!

Traeger Error Code ER2

ER2 Error Code Mean on A Traeger:

Many Traeger grill owners have probably seen the ER2 code on their grill’s LED display at one time or another. The ER2 Error Code on a Traeger grill indicates that the RTD probe has failed. The RTD probe is responsible for monitoring the temperature inside the grill. 

The ER2 Error Code on a Traeger grill indicates a controller failure or that the controller isn’t receiving any current from the RTD probe. This can also happen if there’s a power outage from the probe to the controller. If you see this error code, check the controller and probe to ensure they both work correctly.

How To Fix ER2 Raeger Error Tcode:

First, unplug your grill. Ask a friend or family member to help you if you can’t do this yourself. Once it’s unplugged, wait a few minutes for the grill to cool down. This will help you avoid getting shocked by any live wires in the grill.

Now that your grill is ready for inspection, it’s time to check for any discontinuities in the wire that connects your grill to the controller. To do this:

1) Open up the green housing box of your controller, and look for a probo wire connection. If you don’t see one other or if you do and it doesn’t look like it’s connected well replace it with a new one!
2) Make sure everything looks good there, then replace all components like burners and thermometers (if needed).

Why Is My Traeger Losing Heat?

There are several potential reasons why your Traeger grill might be losing heat.

Some of the most common reasons include the following:

  • Traeger Auger Failure or a Jammed Auger
  • The grill is not properly vented
  • Poor Quality Wood Pellets
  • The grill grate is not clean
  • Cold Weather
  • The igniter is not working properly
  • The temperature control is set too low

If you’re having trouble with your Traeger grill losing heat, it’s important to troubleshoot the problem so you can fix it.

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Grill temperature sensors are a standard part of the Traeger grill that can cause the grill to display an error code. Here, you will learn more about the HER, LER, and ERR error codes that a temperature sensor can cause. 

We hope this blog post has helped you find some new information regarding the error codes you may be getting on your Traeger grill. Please share any other questions or concerns about your Traeger grill with us in the below comment section. Thank you for reading. 


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