Where To Buy Liquid Nitrogen For Cooking?

Where To Buy Liquid Nitrogen For Cooking

Liquid nitrogen has become an increasingly popular tool for cooks and bartenders in recent years, allowing them to rapidly freeze food items or make cocktails with a dramatic show of smoke and fog.

If you want to add excellence to your kitchen or bar, here are the best places where to buy liquid nitrogen for cooking.

Where To Buy Liquid Nitrogen For Cooking

For home cooks, it’s easiest and most economical to buy liquid nitrogen at a local welding supply store or a nearby tire mechanization shop. Since liquid nitrogen is mostly used for industrial purposes, these places often have the biggest selection of sizes and containers available. The price can vary depending on the quantity you buy.

What is Liquid Nitrogen?

Liquid nitrogen is an incredibly cold liquid form of nitrogen that has a variety of uses in both scientific and culinary contexts. It has a very low boiling point, making it an ideal ingredient for certain types of dishes and for carrying out experiments. Used extensively in molecular gastronomy, liquid nitrogen has become popular among chefs and home cooks who want to experiment with their cooking techniques.

In the kitchen, liquid nitrogen can freeze food quickly, creating interesting textures and flavors. It can also help create unique ice cream flavors or mix up cocktails faster. In a lab setting, it is widely used as a cryogenic fluid due to its extremely low temperature, allowing some chemical reactions that would otherwise not occur at higher temperatures.

Uses of Liquid Nitrogen in Food

Liquid nitrogen is becoming a popular tool for food preparation. This liquid form of the element nitrogen can be used to flash-freeze ingredients and have them retain their flavor, texture, and nutrients. It also creates unique culinary experiences with its ability to freeze rapidly and temper items like sauces or chocolate ganache when mixed with cream.

The cooling properties of liquid nitrogen allow chefs to experiment with different textures when preparing dishes. For instance, it can make ice creams that are super smooth due to the rapid freezing process. Chefs also use it for making sorbets or mousses that contain a creamy texture without turning into an icy slush if left too long in the freezer.

When it comes to commercial use, liquid nitrogen can quickly freeze batches of ice cream without forming large crystals or adding any extra flavoring ingredients. This technique allows for faster production times and a smoother end product with fewer calories than traditional ice creams. For homemade applications, liquid nitrogen can also be used if proper safety precautions are taken. 

Cooking With Liquid Nitrogen

Cooking With Liquid Nitrogen

Cooking with Liquid Nitrogen is a unique and exciting way to prepare meals. It involves rapidly freezing ingredients with liquid nitrogen, which can be used to create a variety of creative dishes. From homemade ice cream to savory sous-vide steak, this cooking has become increasingly popular in the culinary world.

Using liquid nitrogen in the kitchen allows chefs to experiment and develop innovative recipes. Chefs can make their ice cream by mixing ingredients, such as milk and sugar, then adding them directly into the liquid nitrogen before stirring them together until frozen. The method also makes it possible to quickly sear steaks at extremely high temperatures without waiting for a grill or oven to heat up. Not only does this help eliminate guesswork when it comes time for cooking, but it also produces delicious results every time!

Where To Buy Liquid Nitrogen?

Liquid nitrogen is not available openly in the market, so getting it’s a bit challenging. But here we’ll tell you where and how to buy liquid nitrogen with less effort.

Welding Supply Stores

A great way to assess the LN2 level is any business that sells welding supplies. A sizable number of large-scale welding enterprises employ liquid nitrogen. As a result, you have a good chance of finding a refill in a supply store. But the businesses that sell the goods, welding supply stores, frequently concentrate on expensive items. It is, therefore, uncertain if they will accept acceptable requests.

Local Distributors

Although liquid nitrogen is not offered over the market, few distributors keep it on hand.

Nearby Universities

Universities and colleges in your area are great sources of information as well. On campuses with science labs, liquid nitrogen is frequently available for use in various research projects. Some might be for sale at your institution, and they frequently sell them for less than what the market would charge.

Tire Mechanics

Many auto body service providers choose liquid nitrogen to air for filling tires. The tire will maintain its inflation for longer because nitrogen fumes permeate rubber more quickly than oxygen fumes.


Since many Costco locations offer a repair section, they likely carry nitrogen liquid for filling wheels. On the future occasion you visit, you may ask about purchasing one and hope everything goes well.

Safety Considerations About Liquid Nitrogen

When it comes to cooking with liquid nitrogen, safety is a top priority. Whether a professional chef or an amateur home cook, you need to know the potential hazards of handling and using liquid nitrogen in the kitchen. In this article, we will explore where to buy liquid nitrogen for culinary purposes and discuss key safety considerations that must be considered.

Liquid nitrogen should only be purchased from reputable vendors who can assure that their product meets all applicable safety standards. Check whether your vendor has any certifications for their product before making a purchase. When storing and handling liquid nitrogen, you must wear appropriate protective gear such as gloves and face shields since contact with skin can cause frostbite or worse burns if handled incorrectly.

FAQs Section

Do you need a license to buy liquid nitrogen?

The answer varies depending on how you plan to use the liquid nitrogen and the local laws that are in existence. In limited cases, there can be limitations on who can purchase the product or how much they can get at once.

Does liquid nitrogen taste good?

Nothing tastes like it at all. In addition to being extremely cold and causing your tongue to freeze immediately, it is chemically neutral, and you lack any receptors for it. That renders it flavorless.

Can you eat frozen liquid nitrogen?

According to the FDA, despite being harmless, liquid nitrogen can severely harm the skin and organs if handled improperly or accidentally consumed due to the incredibly low temperatures it keeps. There is also a chance of respiratory issues, which can be particularly troublesome for people with asthma.


The conclusion of this article is simple: purchasing liquid nitrogen for cooking is the best decision one can make. Not only does it provide creative and interesting culinary options, but it also ensures that meals are cooked quickly and deliciously. It’s an excellent way to improve your cooking skills and take meals to the next level.

Liquid nitrogen has become increasingly popular among chefs due to its unique ability to freeze food in seconds. It makes it easier to create show-stopping dishes without sacrificing flavor or quality. Additionally, with various purchase options available, finding the right supplier for your needs is easy. All you need to do is choose a reputable source, and you will have access to liquid nitrogen for all your culinary endeavors.


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